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"I’ve known Lisa for years. She’s worked hard to keep residential land to house local families, and to keep agricultural lands available for local farmers. 
She’s smart. She’s reliable. She’s experienced. She’s who we need at the Capitol, to make sure we reach a brighter future as we recover from these trying times."

Laura Thielen,  State Senator

"I trust Dr. Lisa Marten to make decisions based on accurate health information and keep us safe.  She can help with the new challenges in healthcare from COVID-19."

Melissa Lawrence, MD OBGYN Kaiser Permanente


"Lisa has spent years listening to our neighbors, organizing our community, and getting people involved to help us change policy at the Capitol. She cares about our issues and I’m excited to work with her because she knows how to get things done."

Chris Lee,   State Representative

"Lisa understands the issues and supports our patients and physicians.  We need her intelligent leadership during this difficult time."

Brit Reis, MD    Medical Director, Castle Health Group 

"Our bikeway/walkway had turned into a parking lot for visitors who were undeterred by a $35 fine, until Lisa took the initiative to get the fine raised to $200. 

Now moms with strollers and kids on bikes are no longer forced into the street by tourists looking for beach parking. Mahalo Lisa. She is a community problem solver."

Molly Foti, Lanikai resident

"Lisa Marten fought with me for a ban in 2012 on commercial activities that were taking over our beach parks and intruding into our neighborhoods. She is willing to put in the work and the time to fight to preserve this place for our keiki." 

 Lisa Cates, Enchanted Lakes Resident

"Lisa’s science curriculum and the field trips she hosts really engage our students because they are about real world problems and include the students as part of the solution."

Sarah Redican,

Aikahi Elementary STEM Teacher 

"Lisa helped us create meaningful and engaging science experiences for our students by providing supplies to grow seedlings in class, and by hosting a hands-on learning experience helping to restore a critical habitat."

Kristen Gagesh, Kailua Intermediate Science Teacher

"Lisa has shown that she shares our vision and is excited to help with local solutions for our homeless.  We need that kind of collaboration in government."

Blanche McMillan,

Waimānalo resident working with the homeless

"Lisa’s persistence and commitment has resulted in an innovative community forestry collaboration which is producing positive environmental benefits for the community."

David Smith, Division of Forestry and Wildlife 


"Lisa has played a critical role in the establishment and growth of our non-profit dedicated to increasing Oahuʻs urban tree canopy. 

Lisa’s range of talents is amazing and she undertakes whatever task comes up, whether large or small, with a high degree of professionalism. She is a sterling environmentalist."

Tom Dinell, UH Department of Urban and Regional Planning and Trees for Honolulu’s Future 

"Iʻm proud to support Lisa Marten.  She has a proven environmental track record, and cares deeply for the well-being of our community."

Robert Harris,

Kailua Neighborhood Board

Sunrun Policy Director

"Lisa has shown a demonstrated commitment to protecting our planet and the people who call Hawaii home. She has been a long-standing champion on clean energy and climate change, as an active participant at the legislature and in her community. Lisa understands that Hawaii's youth are the ones that will inherit the consequences of our choices today."

Melissa Miyashiro, Blue Planet Foundation

"Lisa is a smart and passionate advocate of our future.  She is a strong and active supporter of a great education for all.  Her work will benefit us for generations to come."

Barb Vandercamp, Kaʻohao School teacher

“Lisa works hard for the community and always puts residents first.  We need her in the Leigislature.”

Chuck Prentiss, former Kailua Neighborhood Board Chair.

“Lisa Marten inspires our youth to get involved locally and globally. She has shown that she will do more than talk about preserving our environment. She takes action.”

Katie Brown, Le Jardin Academy teacher

Lisa has provided opportunities for our keiki to use their minds, hands, and creativity to create a healthier and more resilient environment. She is dedicated to the well-being of our island home and will work tirelessly to build a better future for all. I'm supporting Lisa and I hope you will too.
Caitlin Ramirez
Public-school librarian
endorsement collage final