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UPDATE: The developer was not awarded State tax credits in the competitive bidding process for this project.  It was ranked #3 and there were not sufficient funds available after funding projects ranked 1 and 2, so the remainder went to the smaller project ranked #4.  The financing for the project assumed access to the tax credits.

The units in the project are reserved for tenants with very low income to slightly above median income and tenant income is verified.  The developer has developed many affordable housing projects in Hawai'i and installs a live-in manager.

The Ahe Group application submitted to DPP April 16. 

The project uses State Resolution HRS 201H-38 which exempts affordable housing projects from all county zoning.  It bypasses the General Plan, Sustainable Communities Plan, and also Chap. 343, burials, and other laws.

The Kawainui Street project raises questions about:

  • lack of parking in the area,
  • ingress and egress,
  • height,
  • 53 parking spaces are allocated to 73 units (first come first serve),
  • will preference for the units be given to Kailua residents?

Policies to promote affordable housing:

HSR 201H-38 - State Resolution exempting affordable housing from planning, zoning and building standards.

Answers to frequenty asked questions about HSR 201H-38 

City Ord 19-8  (Not used for the project above as it does not apply to Residential Zones, but available to developers of affordable housing.) Permits affordable housing rental projects in Apartment, Apartment Mixed Use and Business Mixed Use zoning. Apartment buildings can be built on lots of 20,000 square feet or less, with higher density and smaller setbacks than what was previously permitted.

Honolulu City Council Bill 7 2019